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  • Agency: Sonntagnacht GmbH
  • Founded: 2013
  • Staff: 8
  • Likes: Cool software & presentations
  • Doesn't like: Typo3
  • Telephone: +49 211 528 098 14

Sonntagnacht is a team of specialists in the fields of application development, graphics and design. What we develop is top-notch in Germany’s media, at trade shows, in exhibitions and agencies – both from a technological and a design perspective, from concept, via design and development to upload – That’s what is at the heart of our work. And we only do those things we are really good at.

Showcases & Examples

Tenfour in the Wild

2013 - Present

Hamburg / Essen

mallwall Germany

As part of the project “Shopping. Vision. Experience“ by ECE Projektmanagementgesellschaft & Co. KG the digital mirror image of a shopping centre was created – the mallwall.

2014 - Present


mallwall Türkei

Because of the huge feedback from visitors and specialized media the mallwall was developed further, advanced and launched in the most modern shopping centres in Europe.

Further mallwalls are planend in shopping centers in:

  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Antalya


Flexible & easy-to-use

Benefits of TenFour

Content Management

Content is at the heart of your presentation, marketing or advertising projects. That is exactly why we built TenFour around content. The popular intuitive user interface of the Content Management System can be fully customised to your wished and requirements, thus allowing you to quickly modify or create contributions or presentations even when the hustle and bustle of your daily routine are at its peak. TenFour’s modular structure allows you to add or remove functions or modules. With TenFour you are perfectly flexible and independent – now as well as in the future.

Present and entertain

Apart from the time-tested Content Management System, the individual modules are at the core of TenFour. They present your visitors, guests and customers the content of your choice at a predetermined time. You decide in advance or even spontaneously which content is to be shown on which screen. The content may range from product presentations via live video to votings and games. Of course, we continue developing new modules all the time that integrate the latest social media trends or improve the presentation of your products and services.

Content everywhere

Presentation and Content Management Systems are often bulky and inflexible. We have been aiming at showing you the widest range possible of functions with regard to your content. TenFour allows you, for example, to load your indoor screens, your website and your online shop – all from one system and with a single maintenance effort. Apart from the broad social media integration that monitors your channels and searches any given channel for search tags, TenFour also allows you to share your content in almost all social networks.

  • Presentation technology
  • Retail applications
  • Interactive advertising / advertisements
  • Digital interaction at the POS
  • Interactive product placement
  • Video walls / clusters
  • Games
  • Databases
  • Responsive / HTML5
  • App development
  • Mobile applications
  • Video productions

unlimited scalable



We love software, especially if it works well. But even after the successful completion of many projects, our customers were often left with the desire to be able to edit elements and add content themselves. Systems that meet these requirements have been around since the 1990s, but programming them is far more complex than most people think.

TenFour had its baptism of fire in the studios of the German TV station ARD, which are known for their high technological standards. For this project further features were added to TenFour until the current level of performance was reached. Due to the resulting range of functions TenFour can be used in the most varied fields. Be it broadcast or shopping mall, with TenFour operation and data management of each installation are as easy as pie and ensure independent working.

This is the reason why we developed something that ideally takes our customers‘ needs into consideration – our content tool TenFour, whose name stands for successful communication. Our Content Management System can handle the most varied visual output devices and the modules can be expanded incrementally thus increasing the customers‘ independence.

simple management

Features & Specials

Content Management System

TenFour is equipped with a modular CMS system


TenFour can control and load one or hundreds of computers

Automated processing

Processing and transfer of the necessary data are fully automated

TenFour Modules

  • Shopping


    Products, catalogs, shops with video and photos – its playful approach is ideal for offers & events.

  • Statistics


    Measure and analyse all user activity in the CMS.

  • Media library

    Media library

    Organise by drag 'n' drop: Use images, videos and folders for your data; several users at a time.

  • User Roles

    User Roles

    You decide which section of the CSM an intern, editor or sales person can see and modify.

  • 3D Graphics

    3D Graphics

    Present your content in whatever design you like, be it the modern tile design or the complex 3D design – or anything in between.

  • iPhone App

    iPhone App

    The iPhone app allows you to control the video channel and its content, be it XBox games, live TV or your product catalog. The choice is yours.

  • Instagram


    Integrate your visitors' content into your MallWall in real-time.

  • Interfaces


    TenFour supports many interfaces, such as XML, JSON or entire databases. Integrate your content directly

  • Games


    With built-in games and an XBOX/PS4 connection you will delight even the little ones among your visitors.

  • Paint


    Encourage your customers to be creative. Their masterpieces will appear on the Mall Wall automatically or after approval!

  • LiveCam


    Connect a camera and load the live images onto all output devices in real-time.

How it Works


TenFour survey & broshure download


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